Staff Contacts

 First Name Last Name Department / Positions Contact
Senior Leaders   
Sarah Stenson PrincipalContact
SharonSteer Deputy Principal / Curriculum Operations / PersonnelContact
LuisaMagasiva Assistant Principal / Director Student Services / Pasifika DeanContact
Middle Leaders  
Meeshall Bailes The ArtsContact
Francois Coetzee PE/HealthContact
Hannah Eyre ScienceContact 
Tevita  Lotulelei MathematicsContact
Rebecca McGrath EnglishContact
Ingrid Vellekoop TechnologyContact
Louise Van de Water LanguagesContact
Teaching Staff   
Nazmeen Ahmed Mathematics / Year 12 DeanContact
Mara Blucher Assistant MLL PE / HealthContact
Jill BrookingActing Careers Co-ordinator (Monday & Tuesday) Contact
Sophie Cain PE / Dance Contact
Jason Conway Social Science Contact
Rachel Eveleigh The Arts / Year 13 Dean Contact
Shreyoshi Ghosh Maths / Physics Contact
Julie Hathaway PE / Health Contact
Sehaam Hussein-Moheed Assistant MLL English Contact
Renee Ihaia Te Reo Māori Teacher Contact
Lubna Iqbal English Contact
Janine Joyce Social Science / Japanese Contact
Angeline Lal Guidance Counsellor Contact
Patrice Muliadi Arts / Music Contact
Shahnazz Munam Assistant MLL Science / Year 9, 10 & 11 Dean Contact
Parehuia Nepe Maori & Dance / Auhia Pastoral / Maori Academic Dean Contact
Deirdre Noel Senco / SOS / Food Tech Contact
Jill O’Brien Technology / ICT Network Co-ordinator Contact
MurrayO’BrienActing Careers Co-ordinator (Wednesday to Friday) Contact
Michelle Panh Mathematics / ICT Contact
Mary Parkinson Social Sciences / Gateway / Careers Academy Dean Contact
Pushpa Raghavan Languages /International Student Dean & Careers Advisor for Students from Refugee Background Contact
Matt Ross History Contact
Ursula Rumold Languages / German Contact
SethsiriSamaratunga Science Technician Contact
MalaSinhalageAssistant MLL – Maths Contact
RitaTariuFood Tech Contact
ArihiaTe Kakau Maori & PE Dance Contact
NoelineWood Science / Chemistry Contact
KateYandall The Arts Contact
SarahYandall-Vaega Languages / Samoan  Contact
MadhaviYelkur Maths Contact
Support Staff   
Jasmine Bailey Careers Administrator Contact
Laura Beere Executive Officer Contact
Elliot Crawford Property Manager Contact
NickyFuaiva’a   Sports Co-ordinator Contact
Pat Hutchinson Nurse Contact
Ginny Knight International Students / Gateway Contact
Arran Reardon Attendance Officer Contact
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