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Social Science is about people and their placement in the natural world.

The subjects in this curriculum area are:


History is the study of how our past influences our present. The main ideas that are studied in history are: Conflict and consensus, war and peace, civil action and the foundations of New Zealand.  Students can then study elements of these topics that most interest them.


Geography is the study of the environment as the home of people. It seeks to interpret the world and how it changes over time – past, present, and future.

It explores the relationships and connections between people and both natural and cultural environments.

Geography investigates the ways in which features are arranged on the earth’s surface. It describes and explains the patterns and processes that create them.

Students learn to think spatially and use maps, visual images and new technologies, including geographical information systems (GIS), to obtain, present and analyse information.

Senior Social Studies

Senior social studies is about how societies work and how people can participate in their communities as informed, critical, active, and responsible citizens.

Students examine the causes and effects of social issues that relate to identity, culture, and organisation, and learn to take actions that may bring about social improvement.

They investigate how individuals, communities, and societies respond to change and how ideas about society develop over time.

Business Studies

Business Studies is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan, and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers.

Business is influenced by and impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day. Issues such as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise, and globalisation are central to both business and the study of business

  • What is the role of business in society?

  • What responsibility do businesses have to their customers?

  • How do businesses behave and why?

Junior Social Studies

Unuhia te rito o te harakeke kei whea te kōmako e kō?

Whakatairangitia – rere ki uta, rere ki tai;

Ui mai koe ki ahau he aha te mea nui o te ao,

Māku e kī atu he tangata, he tangata, he tangata!

The social sciences learning area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens. Contexts are drawn from the past, present, and future and from places within and beyond New Zealand.

Our Pathway: Te Ara Tikanga

Social Science subjects are part of the Te Ara Tikanga pathway which also includes Languages.