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Parents who choose to enrol their children at Kelston Girls’ College are signaling their strong support for academic satisfaction and personal confidence for their children. They are aware of the research on the development of the brain in the adolescent years, when learning for girls is different from learning for boys. Parents know that one size does not fit all and that at Kelston Girls, with its unique culture that values diversity of ethnicity, that provides value added learning, that recognises and grows giftedness and talent amongst its young women, that Kelston Girls’ College is truly the doorway to their daughters’ futures.

Our School Key Values are; respect ourselves (Manaaki i a Tātou), respect others (Manaaki i a Rātou), and respect the community (Manaaki i te Hāpori). These values underpin our vision of developing students as leaders and confident, lifelong learners. They form the cornerstones of the Kelston Girls’ College tikanga and the basis for student wellbeing. Each young woman is encouraged to develop her particular strengths and interests, and will encounter our high expectations for their pursuit of excellence.

I hope that visiting these pages will encourage you to contact us, to find out more about learning for young women at Kelston Girls’ College.

Sarah Stenson

​​​​​​​MA(Hons), DipTchg