Our Vision

The curriculum area of Physical Education and Health at Kelston Girls' College provides academic programmes in Physical Education, Health and Sport Fitness. Our vision for the future includes: Health promotion, water confidence, growing leaders in coaching and fitness. We aim to provide exemplary programmes in these areas.

Our Mission

We are a pathway dedicated and focussed on the development of the whole student: Physical, Mental and Intellectual. We are also committed to provide high quality education, career preparation and e-learning with the idea of excellent teaching being central to our mission.

Our Philosophy

Our focus will be to put our practice into theory and not theory into practice.

Our Pathway: Te Ara Tapa Toru

Physical Education and Health are part of the Te Ara Tapa Toru a pathway which comprises Maths, PE & Health.

Head of Pathway: Tevita Lotulelei

Assistant Head of Pathway: Julie Hathaway

Our Teachers

Sophie Cain - Teacher

Ross Gordon - Teacher

Jason Conway - Teacher

Arihia Te Kakau - Teacher

Matalasi Peteru - Teacher

Our Programmes

Junior Physical Education & Health:

The major focus in our junior programme is participation and enjoyment in physical activity as well as developing lifelong skills and knowledge to encourage healthy lifestyles. We endeavour to incorporate literacy into all of our lessons to prepare students for NCEA. Students have three Physical Education and two Health sessions a fortnight. Over a variety of different sports and physical activities as well as looking into health issues that young people face, we focus on developing:

  • Participation & Personal Growth
  • Movement Concepts & Motor Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills & Teamwork
  • Health Enhancing Decision Making

Level 1 Physical Education:

This course is practical and theory based using Achievement Standards. A variety of exercise and sports are used to look at how participation affects a person’s wellbeing and development in sport. Team sports are used to examine interpersonal skills and look at the role of players, coaches, managers and officials. Anatomy and biomechanics and how the body operates during exercise are also explored. Our EOTC for Level 1 is done at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park and Tree Adventures as a day trip for AS 1.7.

Level 1 Health:

This is a classroom based Health course. Opportunities are provided for students to learn about healthy and wise practices affecting their immediate and future wellbeing, as well as others in the community. They also set a personal goal to enhance an aspect of their well-being. This course prepares them for Level 2 Health where in-depth conversation and analysis takes place about personal, interpersonal and societal factors.

Level 2 Physical Education:

This course is practical and theory based using Achievement Standards. The Fitness Centre, pool and a variety of sports will be used to support principles and methods of training and improvement in performance. Anatomy and biomechanics are evaluated and explained more in-depth. The EOTC for Level 2 is held at MERC in Long Bay over three days and two nights. Outdoor activities are explored and evidence collected for AS 2.7 and AS 2.8.

Level 2 Health:

Students are provided opportunities in this classroom based Health course to extend their knowledge and collaborative input about gender and sexuality issues, evaluating people’s ability to manage change and working together to promote a selected health issue. This course prepares them for Level 3 Health where more critical analysis of issues takes place.

Level 3 Physical Education:

This course is  practical and theory based using Achievement Standards. In this course students will be developing, implementing and reviewing a training program. They will be demonstrating exercise techniques and biomechanically analysing a selected movement. The EOTC for Level 3 is held at MERC in Long Bay over three days and two nights. Outdoor activities are explored and evidence collected for AS 3.7.

Level 3 Health:

The Level 3 Health course looks at the analysis of New Zealand health issues, health practices currently used in NZ, contemporary ethical issues in relation to wellbeing and international health issues. This course is a pathway to a career in the Health sector.