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Within the past five years.

Two Scholarships will be awarded to ex-students, one from Kelston Girls’ College and one from Kelston Boys’ High School, who are undertaking tertiary study in 2019 and 2020.

The Scholarships are $1,500 each for one year.  Students can apply each year, but no one recipient may receive an award for more than three years. 

Applications close 30 August 2019

Applicants may be required for interview in September.  The award will be announced in October.

Please fill in application form or contact:

The Drury Trust Secretary

Kelston Girls’ College

PO Box 15 798, New Lynn, Auckland

Phone : (09) 827 9622

Email :


For more information on how to apply for a First Foundation Scholarship please go to:

Class of 2015
Penina Latu – recipient of Scholarship Partner : Mayoress Fund

Penina has contributed to a very wide variety of activities at Kelston Girls’ College and was on a number of school committees including the Academic Committee, Health and Wellbeing Committee, Enterprise Committee, Arts Committee, Human Rights Committee and Environmental Committee.  She was also a school librarian, co-leader of the Christian Group and a peer supporter, while being involved in activities outside of school including her church choir, youth group and a Tongan cultural group.

She has been made a Prefect and was first in NCEA Level 1, English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Health and plans to study medicine after completing school.

“Poised and confident, Penina has the ability to succeed in her chosen field of Health Sciences.  She has the qualities of leadership which will be an asset to her throughout her life,” said Janine Joyce, teacher at Kelston Girls’ College.

Class of 2014
Gech Heng (Emily) Dam – recipient of Scholarship Partner : Dr B Schuler

Gech Heng (Emily) Dam completed NCEA Levels 1 & 2 with Excellence Endorsement.  First in Biology, she was awarded the Margaret Thomson Trophy.  She was also first in Digital Information Management and received a Highly Commended for Level 1 Science.  Emily was awarded the Best All Round Student in Year 11 and also Year 12.  She is an active member of the community, involved as a Librarian, on The Arts, Environment and Magazine committees and plays Hockey, Tennis and Badminton where she was Co-Captain.  Emily is currently a 2015 Prefect.

She is planning to go to The University of Auckland to study Science, majoring in Pharmacology and will be the first in her family to attend tertiary education.

Class of 2014
Lusia Seleti – Recipient of Manchester Charitable Trust Scholarship – 2014

Lusia was first in her school for German, Science and Social Studies at the Year 11 Prize-giving.  She has been a Class Councillor and member of the School’s Student Council in the past.  She is also a member of the Central Auckland Brass Band and plays the Tenor Horn.

Lusia has managed her responsibilities with her academic load and successfully managed all of these with dedication and success, she has overcome obstacles in a positive manner.

Lusia will be the first in her family to attend University, with a plan to study Health Sciences, Nursing or Medicine toward a goal of being a Doctor or Nurse.

Nazhat Saleem – Recipient Of The NZ Post Award Scholarship 2009


The Year 12 Dean at Kelston Girl’s College strongly recommends Nazhat Saleem for a First Foundation Scholarship, stating ‘Nazhat is a reliable, mature and considerate young woman who is self-motivated and interested in her studies. She always takes on cheerfully and duties or responsibilities assigned to her. Nazhat is a competent academic student who is genuinely enthusiastic about learning.’

This attitude is evident in her 2008 NCEA Level 1 results, with which Nazhat achieved with a Merit endorsement. For her All-round Excellence, Nazhat was awarded the Colgan Scholarship for Year 11. Nazhat is part of Kelston Girl’s College’s ‘Gifted and Talented’ programme.

Nazhat is thoroughly involved in many facets of her school community. She is a Student Librarian and part of the Road Patrol team. She contributes to a number of school committees, namely, the Environmental Committee, Multi-cultural Group, Muslim Group and the Academic Group. She shows strong leadership in her role as a Peer Mediator to younger students. She is keen to raise awareness of her culture at school, and organised the promotional material for ‘Islam Awareness Week’ and is a member of the Ranui Mosque Quran reading programme.

Nazhat wishes to pursue a career in Business, and aims to find a job she is passionate about. She is interested in studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Management and Marketing, with the possibility of further completing Postgraduate study with Honours. She also has not ruled out studying a Bachelor of Business and Information Management and Education, eventually becoming a teacher.

Katie Versteeg – Recipient Of The Toll NZ Consolidated Ltd Scholarship 2007


The Principal of Kelston Girl’s College believes Katie is a most deserving candidate of the First Foundation Scholarship. She says Katie is “a mature, conscientious and highly motivated student, with excellent work ethic that is logical and systematic.” Katie’s attitude to her work has not gone unnoticed at school, where she has been in the class for academically high achieving students since Year 9. Her hard work is reflected in her very respectable NCEA Level 1 results in 2006. For her efforts, she was awarded the highly respected Colgan Scholarship for all-round excellence in Year 11.

Katie is actively involved in many facets of the wider life of the school. She plays netball, as well as coaching a younger team in the school, is part of the Kelston Boy’s High/Kelston Girl’s College drama production this year and has a keen interest in saving the environment. After attending the Auckland City Council Environmental Conference for Sustainability in April, she and two fellow students have started an Environmental Committee at school.

Katie has a very clear idea of what she wishes to achieve at tertiary level. At this stage, she wants to study Biomedical Science at the University of Auckland in 2009. By her third year, she will combine this major with Sport and Exercise Science, and move on to complete an Honours degree by her fourth year. Katie is interested in working with athletes in rehabilitation and high performance.

Luisa Fuimaono – Recipient Of The ASB Scholarship 2007


The Principal of Kelston Girl’s College believes Luisa will benefit greatly from being the recipient of the First Foundation Scholarship. “Luisa is a very able student academically, who excels in what she enjoys. There is no doubt that Luisa has the academic capability to succeed at tertiary level. “ Luisa has been in the high motivation class since Year 9 and excels in Accounting and Drama. Last year she came first in her year level in Drama at NCEA Level 1.

Luisa is very involved in extra-curricular activities. She plays Netball as well as coaching younger students. She is on the Arts Committee, Multicultural Committee, is a Student Council representative and is involved in the Road Patrol Programme. In 2006, she received the Ivy Rakich Memorial Award for Industry and Achievement.

Luisa aims to study a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting at the University of Auckland. She is also thinking about a conjoint with Arts, majoring in Drama, but will make her decision after NCEA Level 3. She hopes to one day work as an Accountant or even own her own business.

Sina Eti – Recipient Of The Ford Motor Company Of NZ Ltd Scholarship 2007DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT 2008

The Principal at Kelston Girl’s College recommended Sina for a First Foundation Scholarship, as she is “a diligent and responsible student, with great personal qualities that completes all class work.” Sina has shown academic excellence throughout her time at Kelston Girl’s, and in 2006 was commended for her efforts with a subject prize for NCEA Level 1 English, as well as a special award, the Margaret Jarvis Memorial Award for Industry achievement in Year 11.

Sina’s particular interests lie in performance. She is a member of a band and is the lead singer. She plays in the School Orchestra, sings in the Choir and is a member of the Christian Group. Sina’s academic programme consists of a full NCEA Level 2 programme as well as the Work Exploration through Gateway where she has focused her work experience in the media. She partakes in many facets of school life and is on the Arts Committee, Sports Committee and the Student Council. This year she is the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees.

With Sina’s talents in performance and her work experience in the media domain, it is not surprising that Sina intends to study Communications and Journalism at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).


Up to two tertiary scholarships, worth $2,000 per annum each for four years are available to young women enrolled at Kelston Girls’ College in year 13 in 2019 who have completed NCEA Level 2 and are planning to study at tertiary level in 2020.

The criteria : 

1.    Academic achievement

2.    Community involvement

3.    Family and personal circumstances

–   Applicants who are planning to study at tertiary level in 2020 are invited to apply. 

–  The scholarships are available to two successful candidates for up to four years. 

– The first payment for the successful candidate(s) will be made in 2019.

–  A scholarship holder who completes a successful year of study at NCEA Level 3 in 2019, will then be eligible for $2,000 for her first year of tertiary study in 2020.

– Ongoing payment of the scholarship, for up to two further years, will be based subsequently on the successful completion of each year of tertiary study and the presentation of evidence of that achievement no later than February 1st in the following year.

Applications will be short listed by a panel including a member of the Anderson family, Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees representatives and the Principal. 

The shortlisted candidates will be expected to attend an interview with the panel.

Applications can be accessed from the Principal’s PA, Careers or Year 13 Dean, 1 Archibald Road, Kelston.

Closing date for applications:

4:00 p.m. Tuesday 7 May 2019

All applications to be emailed to

Islay Anderson Scholarship Application Form – non Tertiary 2019 

Islay Anderson Scholarship details 2019 

Timeline Islay Anderson 2019 – April 2019


End of Term 3.
Year 11 Students.

The Colgan Trust is administered by the New Lyn Rotary Club.
This scholarship is open to Year 11 students intending to continue at Kelston Girls’ College for the next 2 years.   It is intended to cover some of the students’ educational expenses for the current year.

Applicants apply for the Scholarship in Term 4 of their Year 11 year.

There are two scholarships awarded each year.  The value of the scholarship is $375 and is credited to the school account of the student.

The scholarship criteria includes previous scholastic success, school contribution and financial need.  The Trustees principles state that the scholarship is for:

  • Students who have proved themselves on their past performance, to be worthy of this award, both scholastically and in    contribution to the school.
  • Students who would otherwise have difficulty to continue their education at school.

Applicants are advised to research the history and work of New Zealand Rotary.

A short list of candidates is made from the initial applicants and interviews are held at a later date at school.  The interviewing panel will consist of the Deputy Principal, the Year 12 Dean, and a New Lynn Rotarian (yet to be named).

The recipients are announced at The Year 11 Prizegiving in February.  The applicant may also be expected to attend a dinner or meeting of New Lynn Rotary Club, along with a parent or guardian.

5 scholarships are funded by the Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees.

They are available for Year 10 students who can show their ability in any of the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Culture (Music, Art, Drama, Cultural performance)
  • Community involvement

The criteria :

  • Evidence of success in any of the above areas
  • Attendance at school since Year 9
  • Participation in classroom learning

Each scholarship is worth $200 to be held in the student’s name at school and to be spent on the student’s education this year. Stationery, subject fees, Camp, school trips, school uniform, sports fees, sports uniform are some of the items on which the money can be spent.

Applications are short listed by a panel including a member of the Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees, the Year 10 Dean and the Principal.

The short listed candidates are expected to attend an interview with the panel.

  • Closing date for applications : will be advertised in March/April each year.
  • Applications to be handed in at Reception, for the Principal.
  • Interviews : each successful recipient will be notified of their interview time.

The Trusts Community Foundation Scholarships

Kelston Girls College is making an application to The Trusts Community Foundation for the following scholarships –

  • 6 academic Scholarships valued at $3000 each towards their course fees
  • 3 Non-degree scholarships valued at $2000 each towards their course fees
  • 4 Youth Development Scholarships for 4 berths on the Spirit of Adventure for a 10-day voyage.

Interested students need to apply to the Career Department. The closing date for the Degree & Non-Degree Scholarships is Thursday 3 September.

Penina Latu Memorial Scholarship 
The Scholarship is in memory of Penina Latu who passed away on the 11th May, 2016 after a short illness. Penina was a prefect and a highly respected young woman who lived her life to the highest standard and always tried her best.