Saynab Muse, ex KGC student has won the ‘Auckland Festival of Photography Annual Commission’

Congratulations Saynab!
Saynab is one of 3 artists to produce a body of work for the festival.

As part of the Annual Commission 10th year anniversary Saynab Muse provides a unique perspective to the cultural landscape of photography, with her Muslim heritage, love of photography and talent at it as a means to express in a hearing world. Saynab graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Enterprise at Unitec.

“My project is about being a feminist and the Muslim religion, detailing my identity that turned into a project to share with others. I want to showcase my perspective of what it’s about, so others can understand about how my religion informs ideas such as diversity and feminism. I grew up wearing a Hijab (head scarf), and that shows the part of me as a Deaf Muslim women”.

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