KGC sports committee update:

On the 21st of May, the KGC sports committee headed down to Glen Eden Primary to deliver another activity session to Rooms 3, 8 and 14. The sports committee had created 3 activities for the students, a rippa rugby lesson, a cognitive game called Indian Tag (later known as Hoopla by the GE students) and cone smash. Our girls did an amazing job juggling 3 classes at once and very shortly all the students were running around and having a great time. The KGC students were outstanding role models and were very quick thinkers regarding changing teams and adding more challenges to make the games more interesting.


The Glen Eden students were amazing and were even able to squeeze in a few rounds of tug of war at the end of the session. The KGC students had learnt from their defeat to Glendene, so decided against challenging the 60 Glen Eden Students. Overall it was a very successful afternoon of activities and the sports committee represented KGC brilliantly. A huge thank you to Alana and the Glen Eden teachers for allowing us to come down to your school.


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