Provides Senior students (Year 11 to Year 13+) with opportunities to access structured workplace learning:

  • It is designed to strengthen the pathway for students to progress from school to workplace learning.
  • It provides students with structured workplace learning across a range of industries and businesses around New Zealand, while they continue to study at school.
  • It delivers hands on, practical learning that leads to nationally recognised qualifications.

Benefits for students:

  • An opportunity to build skills for employment and working in real workplaces.
  • An opportunity to try out potential careers and build links to Industry Training Organisations, modern apprenticeships and workplaces.

Gateway 2018 Highlights

Students are given the opportunity to ‘test drive’ their career choices, while gaining valuable real experience learning.  Below are some of the highlights from the 2018 Gateway programme.

Prospect Primary School

2 of our students Prayer and Darleen were accepted to work with students at Prospect Primary School in a variety of classes.  They attended the Monday assembly and were warmly welcomed and introduced to the students by the Principal Gay Turner and her staff.  Both the girls looked very smart in their school uniforms and enjoyed their time, which gave them a taste of work in a Primary School classroom.

ANZ Bank – Glen Eden

Vocational Pathway : Service Industries

Fatai Poni-Fusitua had a placement at the ANZ Bank in Glen Eden every Thursday.   The Bank Manager was very impressed by Fatai’s mature manner and her willingness to learn new tasks.


Vocational Pathway : Service Industries

Elizabeth Maeva, Louise Tairua, Shontel Vao and Tina Paga were placed at McDonalds.  The Managers were full of praise for our student’s ability to step up and work quickly.  They all looked very smart in their uniforms.   All the girls enjoyed getting the opportunity to work in this fast paced work environment.

Seadrome Home and Hospital

Vocational Pathway : Social and Community Services sector

Four of our students Christelle Rukiza, Billy Jean Pickering, Yona Maliko and Brooke West visited Seadrome which is a specialist Dementia facility, unique in that they only provide care for people who have dementia.  It was an excellent experience for the girls who met with Tina and her staff.  This is a challenging work placement where the staff provide a caring and respectful atmosphere for their patients.  All the girls enjoyed their visit which gave them the opportunity to sample elderly care.

Project K – Air NZ Training School

Vocational Pathway : Service Industries

As part of Project K, Louise Tavalu had an amazing day at the Air New Zealand training school.  Louise was shown around the mock-up cabins and given the opportunity to open and close the cabin doors.  She was also shown what to do in emergency situations and what its like to work in the cabins and kitchen. They explained the life of a flight attendant, what Air New Zealand looks for in recruitment and what Louise can do now to prepare.
Louise met lots of different people and has been offered an Air New Zealand mentor which will help her with her future recruitment.
We wish you all the best Louise.