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Welcome to the Visual Arts Department

Auckland Festival of Photography Trip

The annual trip to the Auckland Festival of Photography with Level 3 photography students was a little different this year. Instead of catching the train into the city, we travelled by minibus to visit a range of galleries throughout Auckland. We started with Gallery One at Unitec, ‘Over Under’, an exhibition by 9 female photographers. We enjoyed seeing the work of Saynab Muse, an ex-Kelston Girls’ College student who is in her 3rd year of a BA degree. We next visited the historic house Alberton, to see the work of contemporary NZ artist Fiona Pardington. After some lunch we explored several galleries on Ponsonby Road before the rain started and we headed back to school.

 Marvellous Mechanica

A selection of our Y10 art students have had work submitted for the Corban Estate Arts Centre for an exhibition titled “Marvellous Mechanica”.  The exhibition will be opened on Saturday 12th May at 10:00 a.m. with a variety of artworks and performances on the day. The theme of Mechanica explores the idea of how things fit together (the machinations) to make something happen whether through movement, energy, sound, weight or light.  Our students looked at various animals and insects and how to best represent their movements by the placement of various mechanical parts on top of their shapes.  These ideas were then used to produce digital artworks that were then repeated in a pattern to create digital illustrative wallpaper.  The final results have been quite stunning, and the students have produced work very worthy of the “Marvellous Mechanica” title. Student work in order from left to right: Sewni Peiris, Joyce Luna, Aisha Mirranay and Aalia Ali.

Bobby Hung – Mural

In March there was a call out for young people to assist street artist Bobby Hung to paint a mural in Avondale.  Year 13 student Arinona Siliko volunteered to help in the production of this successful art project.  The work was carried out outside of school time, and Arinona can be commended for her efforts.

The workshop took place in Avondale and the work was inspired by a poem from New Zealand’s current Poet Laureate, Selina Tusitala Marsh.  The poem was transformed it into a text based mural on the wall of the Avondale Community Centre. Selina Tusitala Marsh grew up in Avondale and holds particular insight into this culturally diverse piece of Auckland.

Mural Project to advertise Artwest 2017

The Year 12 senior Visual Arts students have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work beside mural artist Amiria Puia-Taylor on a billboard project to advertise the Kelston Girls’ College annual art show, Artwest.  Amiria is an old girl of Kelston Girls, and was keen to get on board with our current students to brainstorm and produce a design that was reflective of their Kelston community. The mural is currently being worked on by a small group of around 6 students, who have been generous with their out of class time during this busy stage of the year. Progress is going well and it is hoped the mural will soon be finished in the coming week and go up on display on our billboard space on Great North Road.  Many thanks to Amiria who has given up her precious time from her television job to work with our students and share her expertise and creative flair.  This has been a fantastic way for our students to learn from an experienced artist and gain knowledge of the processes and techniques of mural art.

‘Bringing in the light’ – Mural Project

Artists: Ishtar Baldwin, Saylah Nikoia, Christella Rukiza, Neha Kumar, Paris McCann, Nona, Jade and Mele.


‘Bringing in the light’ is a mural piece co-created from a talanoa (conversation) with selected year 12 students and mural artist, Amiria Puia-Taylor. The talanoa focused on the students’ retrospectives with their observations of their local environment as a school and more widely as citizens of their community. When asked what some of the key issues of their neighbourhood were, there was an unhesitating mutual heartache for the amount of people without homes.


This mural piece  that confronts the issue of homelessness with a bold silhouetted figure whose hands extend out a bowl ‘offering’ instead of ‘needing’ light. The dark figure sits upon a foundation of diverse motifs and complimentary colours to symbolise the ‘ethnic makeup of’ ‘The Block’ (Kelston Girls College) as a statement that objects against homelessness with a positive lens to reiterate the importance of health & wellbeing.

Nā Amiria Puia-Taylor (Mural Artist) – The People Weaver.

Kelston Girls’ College Arts Festival was held on the evening of Wednesday August 17th(week 4, Term 3).

During the evening ‘The Arts’ were explored and celebrated across the areas of Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts.

Various performances by students, and an exhibition of student artworks were presented by the Kelston Girls’ College Arts Committee, who are responsible for organising and running the format of the evening.

This was an important celebratory event for the Arts Faculty, and allows students a venue through which to demonstrate their talents, hard work and creativity that has been developed and fostered throughout the year.

Project Kai

Our Level 2 and 3 photography students had the opportunity to display their amazing work at Te Uru, Waitakere Contemporary Gallery in Titirangi and their display featured in the Western Leader. 

As part of the Family Fun Day celebrations, the Year 10 Art students designed and made a series of flags that were made into banners for display on the day.  The designs were based on the theme of ‘identity’ and made as a group collaboration artwork. These were placed outside the hall leading into the main hallway, and served as a welcome to our visitors.  The student’s creative solutions to the design constraints of the flag making process were highly successful, and they were a colourful way to represent the individuality and uniqueness of our girls.

‘Project Kai’

2017 Level 2 & 3 photographers were privileged to have the opportunity to work towards an exhibition at Te Uru in Titirangi opening on the 6th May.  Students worked alongside a range of professionals working in the creative industry.  Rosanna Raymond from Sa’VAge K’lub ran a word workshop helping in the creation of their brief, ‘The Creative Soul Project’ and photographer Desmond Burdon was also involved in the project.  The final outcome was a photographic still life that reflected ideas around identity.

‘We Are’

2017 Level 2 & 3 painters were very lucky to have the opportunity to work towards an exhibition at Zeal in Henderson opening on the 8th May.  Contemporary painter James Cousins ran a workshop where students learned different painting techniques which they used within their chosen compositions.

As part of the Auckland Festival of Photography, Corban Estate Arts Centre presented a showcase of top photographic work from senior students of West Auckland schools. The exhibition, called “Lookout!” was open from Friday 3rd June to 12 June.  Kelston Girls’ College entered numerous photographic artworks from our talented Year 12 and Year 13 Photography students.  Schools who participated were: Waitakere College, Liston College, St Dominic’s College, Kelston Girls’ College, Kelston Boys’ High School, and Henderson High School.  There is a Facebook event you can join and share here: 


On Friday 3rd June artists Silina Setoga and Salome Tanuvasa, from the Education Team at Artspace, visited our school to talk to our Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 art students.

Both artists discussed their artistic journey’s respectively and the mediums they explored, as well as the influence their culture has had in the production and meaning of their work. Our students are privileged to have both artists return at a future date to complete a 1 day workshop where they will be exploring the medium of screen printing.

Artspace is a gallery located on Karangahape Road, and the Kelston Girls’ College Visual Art Department is grateful to be able to make links with this gallery and establish relationships with wider communities within Auckland that benefit our students art making practice.