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National Certificate in Tourism

The National Certificate in Tourism (introductory skills) is an industry qualification that is delivered to you in school in partnership with the International Travel College. ITC have developed a set of Units that have been approved by the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation who are the travel industry authority.

Successful completion of this course shows you have basic knowledge of the industry – for example tourists and their needs, how tourism businesses operate, and New Zealand and the world as a destination. You will also be expected to have gained basic numeracy and literacy skills which most of you will have shown at Level One NCEA. This leads on to the National Certificate in Tourism (Core Skills) at Level 3, also offered at Kelston Girls College through the Careers academy

The course is divided into two parts:

1. Compulsory standards (18 Credits) Term One – Term Two

ID Title Level Credit
24728 Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in tourism 2 3
24729 Demonstrate knowledge of world tourist destinations 2 4
24730 Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism 2 4
24731 Demonstrate knowledge of destination New Zealand 2 4
24732 Demonstrate knowledge of tourist characteristics and


2 3

2. Elective Standards (minimum 22 credits) Term Two – Four

  • These will be offered to you in consultation with ITC. You may be able to select the Units you do or the school will deliver the selection of Units that are recommended by ITC.
Unit Title Level Credit
3727 Demonstrate knowledge of Pacific Island countries as tourist destinations 3 8
18211 Demonstrate knowledge of Australia as a tourist destination 3 8
18237 Perform calculations for a tourism workplace 2 3
23761 Read and comprehend work-related documents in English for a tourism workplace 2 3
23767 Demonstrate knowledge of and use the Internet in a tourism workplace 2 2
24724 Demonstrate knowledge of the history of tourism 2 4
24725 Describe and analyse the economic significance of tourism 3 4
24726 Describe and compare social and cultural impacts of tourism 2 3
24727 Describe and compare impacts of tourism on the

physical environment

2 3
24733 Describe and promote a New Zealand tourist destination 3 4

New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 (Core Skills)

Kelston Girls’ College Careers Academy offers this Stand Alone qualification in partnership with The International Travel College (ITC). The course covers generic knowledge and skills required to work in all sectors of the tourism and travel industries; customer service and communication skills; team work; as well as English language and mathematics in the context of the tourism and travel industry.

Teachers within the School work alongside tutors from ITC, and students are able to complete a range of short courses at their City Campus.

To complete this qualification in one year, during Y13, students would need to dedicate 2 option lines and be committed to learning and demonstrating the attributes expected of industry workers.

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