Study Help

Academic Couselling

Academic Counselling is held every fortnight on a Wednesday.  It is a timetabled class. Seniors meet with their academic councillor to discuss, achievement barriers to learning and solutions.

Homework Centre

Is held in F3 every day Monday – Friday 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

What is it for?
• Homework and completing class work.
• Research and completing re sits.
• Assistance – from teachers and senior students.
• Reading
• Using computers for research and accessing study sites.
• Reading through your notes from the days lessons.

Why Go?
• The preparation and planning you do now, will make a difference to how well you do in assessments and class work.
• Completion of homework and class work will help your understanding.
• How well you do this year will affect your future years.
• Start good habits NOW.

Learning Centre for Refugee Background Students: 

Every Tuesday and Thursday. 3.30 to 4.30 in D Block

Student, Teacher, Parent Meetings

Why do we do this?

We want to improve academic achievement for your daughter, and to strengthen the relationship and communication between our school, your daughter and you.  Educational research strongly indicates that the involvement of parents and families in a student’s education is a major factor in improving education achievement.

To do this we ask that you come to school for a 20 minute meeting with your daughter and her Form Teacher/Academic Counsellor to discuss:

  • Attendance
  • Key competencies
  • Reports to date
  • Career Goals
  • Personal Educational Plan
  • Profile of my Daughter

These meetings are held 2 – 3 times per year.

Letters are sent home to parents giving an appointment time.

Your daughter’s Form Teacher/Academic Counsellor will contact you to confirm your appointment time.

When you arrive at the school please come to the office where you will be directed to where the meeting will occur. The Guidance Counsellor, Senior Leaders and Principal will be available also.

Please confirm your attendance by one of the following methods:

– Return the slip at the bottom of your letter to your daughter’s Form Teacher/Academic Counsellor
– Or contact your daughter’s Dean.


Year 9-11 Pasifika Academic Dean

Sarah Yandall-Vaega

827 9648

Year 9,10 & 11 Dean

Shahnaaz Munam

827 9649

Year 12 Dean

Nazmeen Ahmed

827 9642

 Year 13 DeanRachel Eveleigh  827 

Year 13 Pasifika Academic Dean

Luisa Magasiva

827 9636

Māori Academic Dean

Parehuia Nepe

827 6063

Dean & Careers Advisor for Students from Refugee Background  Pushpa Raghavan827