Past Events


ArtWest is a community art exhibition and art sale, showcasing over 60 West Auckland artists and makers.  Established in 2009 it is an unique event that collectively celebrates and honours the diverse arts practised in our communities, in an environment that is accessible to a broad audience.  A visual feast of local arts and mediums which includes sculpture, photography, a short film, jewellery, soap, painting, textiles, ceramic, illustration, raranga and VR.

Alongside the exhibition, there is a public opening with sounds provided by Dj Empress Naima, an installation of art created by students from 6 local schools and ArtSpark, and ArtsWhau will host the annual Dinner at ArtWest, a chance for local based artists to catch up, exchange ideas and get to know each other.

Hosted by Kelston Girls’ College in the Islay Anderson Auditorium, ArtWest 2018 opens on Friday October 26th (6pm-8pm).

The exhibition will run from Saturday October 27th to Tuesday October 30th (10am-4pm daily).

Support from Kelston Girls’ College, Creative Communities Scheme, Whau Local Board, Waitakere Local Board and local businesses, enables free public access to the exhibition and community art events to accompany the exhibition.

For more details visit or call Jody 021 245 3232.


ArtWest 2017

Contemporary Art | Artists of West Akl | Public Exhibition & Sale | Collectively honouring the varied arts practised in our Communities | Free workshops and Events | Making arts accessible to local and young audiences

Alongside the exhibition of over 70 West Akl Artists, there were public and student workshops, community art projects, and events. Thanks to everyone that participated and came along. Especially the many wonderful artists of West Auckland.

Artists included | Aiaraisa Ioane, Aisha Lolai, Amiria Puia-Taylor, Amy Blinkhorne, Andy Leleisi’uao, Anne McIvor, Audrey Boyle, Charlotte Graham, Charlotte Rawson, Christelle Ibambasi, Dane Taylor, David Murray, Desmond Burdon, Dorothy de Lautour, Edith Amituanai, Ela Tukauhaua, Elina Dulakiverata, Galina Efimova, Ghamer Kanda, Gregor Kregar, Gretchen Menezes, Hamish Campbell, Helen Dean, Helen Feu’u, Hyunjin Yun, Ingrid van Heusden, Irina Velman, Janet Charman, Janet Lilo, Javier Carmona, Jayd Pulefale-Mahanga, Jean Stewart, Jermaine Reihana, Joelle Bunt, John Campbell, Kate Mora, Kathryn Stevens, Kelstyn Greig, Kilisi (Tina) Palu, Kinstry Smythe, Lale Tone, Laura Jer, Lisa Baudry, Mark Schafer, Max White, May Trubuhovich, Meeshall Bailes, Melissa Laing, Mere Clifford, Michael Nathan, Milie Laimoni, Mino To’angutu, Miranda Brown, Monique Jansen, Nate Savill, Nicholas Pound, Nick Wilson, Numangatini MacKenzie, Pauline McCoy, Peter Selwyn, Pusi Urale, Rachel Eveleigh, Ros Lowrey, Ross Forbes, Sanji Karu, Sara Hughes, Sean Kerr, Selena Gerzic, Sharifa Safi, Smita Upadhye, Suzie Horne, Sylvia Marsters, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Education Team, Tesida Alefaio, The Creative Souls Project, Tiare Daniels, Tim Danko, Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T, Vaimaila Urale, Val Enger, Vera Limmer

BRINGING IN THE LIGHT MURAL | as part of ArtWest 2018 we were proud to offer Kelston Girls’ College students the opportunity to co-create a public mural piece, inspired from talanoa (conversation) with students and mural artist, previous Kelston Girls’ College student, Amiria Puia-Taylor. The talanoa focused on the students’ retrospectives with their observations of their local environment as a school and more widely as citizens of their community. When asked what some of the key issues of their neighbourhood were, there was an unhesitating mutual heartache for the amount of people without homes.

Kōrero | This mural piece that confronts the issue of homelessness with a bold silhouetted figure whose hands extend out a bowl ‘offering’ instead of ‘needing’ light. The dark figure sits upon a foundation of diverse motifs and complimentary colours to symbolise the ‘ethnic makeup of’ ‘The Block’ (Kelston Girls College) as a statement that objects against homelessness with a positive lens to reiterate the importance of health and wellbeing.

Image: students Christella, Paris, Nona, Saylah, Neha and Ishtar with their public artwork.

ArtWest 2016

Thanks to all the Artists, Volunteers, Sponsors and ArtWest 2016 Coordinator Kinstry Smythe who made ArtWest 2016 awesome.

Including creative workshops, performances, artist talks, art huis and events for adults and children.  All events and performances were FREE.

Exhibition in Kelston promises to create access to art by Mahvash Ali.  The Western Leader OCTOBER 2016

A miscellany of local events by Naomi McLeary.  The Fringe OCTOBER 2016 (page 10)

Embracing the breadth of art created in West Auckland the exhibition included paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, photographs, film and installation, with many of the works for sale.

Artists |  Anne-Sophie Adelys, Edith Amituanai, Ray Blomfield, Mary Botica, Desmond Burdon, Dianne Costello, Joanna Campbell, John Campbell, Mere Clifford, Jack Dawson, Monique Endt, Val Enger, Rachel Eveleigh, Terry Faleono, John Johnston, Andrew Hall, Glenn Heenan, Gavin Hipkins, Sara Hodge, Suzie Horne, Jenny Hunt, Deanna Hulme, Curly Elias Ismail, Karen Kennedy, Ellen Kerssens, Rebecca Kornman, Melissa Laing, Hyojin Lee, Barbara Leikis, Vera Limmer, Ian Loretz, Ros Lowery, Asia Lynn, Peter Madden, Laura Marsh, Pauline McCoy, Lynette McKinstrie, Annie McIver, Numangatini MacKenzie, Marlene Milverton, Kate Mora, Akemi Nakamura, Nalini Nalini, Emma Olphert, Rosanna Raymond, Monique Rush, Rachel Shields, Sarah Smith, Katie Smith, Hank Snell, Louise Stevenson, Jean Stewart, Mike Stock, Leesa Terlesk, Jayne Thomas, May Trubuhovich, Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T, Mino To’angutu, Pusi Urale, Helen Verkerk, Irina Velman and Meek Zuiderwyk.

ArtWest 2015

ArtWest 2015 is a public exhibition of West Auckland artists organised and hosted by Kelston Girls College. First established in 2009 this is the third ArtWest exhibition.

Embracing the breadth of art created in West Auckland the exhibition will include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, photographs and film, with many of the works for sale.

ArtWest is an opportunity to celebrate and support the creativity and unique identity of West Auckland. With art by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists on display, artist talks and free creative workshops for adults and children ArtWest promises to be inspiring weekend event.

Artists |  Bev Rea, Annie McIver, Pauline McCoy, Gavin Hipkins, Rachel Shields, Kinstry Smythe, Desmond Burden, Rachel Eveleigh, Louise Stevenson, Monique Jansen, Peter Madden, Sharon McKintoch, Jenny Hunt, Katie Smith, Laura Marsh, Ruby Oakley, Steve Malloy, Iona Matthews, Abdul Satar, Alison Granville, Dave Gunson, Denise Murphy, Ellen Kerssens, Glen Anne Brayshaw, Graham Valentine, Ken Padgett, Linda Borman, Marlene Milverton, Nora Grieve, Rosamund Lowrey, Rosie Alderson, Susan Edge, Suzaine Greenshields, Vera Limmer, Anne-Sophie Adelys, Val Enger, Ed Taylor, Helen Verkerk, John Campbell, Monique Rush, Monique Endt, Robin Mansfield, Clark James, Phillip Kelly, Jack Dawson-paint, Kate Mora, Deanna Hulme, Numa MacKenzie, Anita Levering, Judy Newton, Suzie Horne, Rosie Hunter, Allie, Daisy, Natasha Hoyland, Hank Snell, and Melissa Laing.

ArtWest 2009

Some of the talented artists who will be displaying this year :

Abdul Satar, Sandra Rich, Adele White, Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes, Alfred Shishmanian, Sharron Martin, Alison Drew, Sheana Mennie, Alison Granville, Sin-Mae Chung, Antonina Georgetti Stacy Smith, Chan Andressend, Stefanie Kroeger, Chic Hunter, Steve Molloy, Dean Buchanan, Susan Edge, Deanna Hulme, Suzaine Greensheilds, Denise Murphy, Sylvan O’Reilly, Diana Tippett, Tania Sunde, Ellen Kerssens, Ted Rogers, Frank Rich, Ted Scott, Glen Anne Brayshaw, Todd Douglas, Graham Valentine, Trilby McKillip, Heather Elliot, Tui Eves, James Drumm, Vanessa Parry, Jan Barnes, Zeke Wolf, Jane Dunlop, Jayne Norcross-Wil, Anna Korver, Jenny Hunt, Linda Davis, Jill Perrott, Rudi Buchanan,

John Andrews, Karen Molesworth, Bob Steiner, Ken Padgett, Genevieve Berthet, Leao Tidsley, Karen Kennedy, Lisa Dever, Madeline Beasley, Lisa Woodhead, Neena Buksh, , Lorna Allan, Todd Douglas, Lynn Maree Patterson, Manyu Zhu, Bernard Schofield, Margaret Norwood, Mark Whyte, Adele White, Marlene Milverton, Peter Viesnik, Mary Botica, Masae Miyamoto, Helga Strew, Michael Rowlands, Shelly Cartmell, Monique Endt,

Natalie Makeef, Ann Uerata, Noel Hutchinson, Nora Grieve, Frank Woodward, Pamela Wood, Phil Weights, Rachel Eveleigh, Regina Scherer, Lynette McKimstrie, Rosamund Lowery, Louise Yri, Rosie Alderson.