NZ Flower and Garden Show entry

The time has arrived to unveil our finished “Garden to Table” entry in this year’s ‘NZ Flower and Garden Show’.  A lot of hard work has gone into finishing this masterpiece by the students in 9YR and teachers Ms Eveleigh and Ms Eyre, who helped and guided the students.  Congratulations girls, your entry looks amazing.

After some brainstorming around the ‘Kelston Way’, the class collaboratively decided upon the theme of a ‘Hauora Garden’, feeding body, mind and spirit.  There will be 5 distinct areas in the garden that correlate to the senses, taste, texture, sight, sound and touch.  The class have to research appropriate plants and their properties, including plants that have medicinal properties, or can be used for well-being.

The show is open from 
Wednesday 28th November until Sunday 2nd December at Trust Stadium.  We encourage everyone to get along to view our student’s entry.  


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