Drama Events

We were very fortunate to have The Ugly Shakespeare Company performed “Romeo and Juliet” in the school hall on May 18th. The three actors each played several roles switching their costumes behind the large flats.  There were romantic scenes, fighting and deaths in the hour-long performance.  They somehow managed to turn a tragedy into a comedy.  It was lively, humorous and highly entertaining.  Afterwards the Level 1 and 2 Drama students did a workshop on Drama Techniques.

Again, the students were given the opportunity to interact with the actors on stage.  Here are two students; one year 9 and the other year 13 holding the balcony for Juliet.

At the end of Term One we held the annual combined Kelston Girls’ and Kelston Boys’ Schools Drama Evening called “Heroes” in the Kelston Girls’ Drama Room.  There were two performances from KBHS and seven from KGC.  The Level 2 students produced plays based on the theme of racism.  They were thought provoking plays questioning the way teachers cope with cultural diversity in the classroom.  The Level 3 students devised plays on their research of the theme “Women in War”.  These plays showed how women were often a forgotten slice of our history, the purpose was to make the audience realise that women should be recognised for their war efforts as well.   The Level 3 play “ Undercover President” performed by Kelston Boys, provided a fitting and entertaining grand finale for the evening.

This scene from “I am Maori” shows Virginia Tui’vai playing the role of a culturally insensitive teacher.
This scene from the play “We did our Bit Too”, shows two nurses (Olatoga Taape and Iemaima Etipati) rescuing a wounded soldier (Tai Patolo) in World War 2.