Dance & Drama

KGC Samoan Performance for Media Design School.

A group of 18 students gathered every lunchtime to put together a routine from part of the Samoan group 2019 routine. They shared the beautiful elegance and grace of Samoan dancing and culture with a tertiary organisation. They were overwhelmed with the performance and passion of our students.
Faafetai tele lava ma Manuia.



On the 9th August we held a ‘Dance Showcase’ organised by our Dance teachers, Sophie Cain and Arihia Te Kakau.  It was an extremely successful evening and a great opportunity for the Dance students to showcase everything they have learnt.  There was 13 separate items.

The performers ranged from Year 10 junior students to senior Year 13 students and the styles of dance included hip hop, contemporary, jazz and African dance. With accompanying music that ranged from ‘Fashion’ by David Bowie to ‘Resentment’ by Beyoncé, there was something to enjoy for all ages and tastes.

This was a valuable opportunity for students to gain confidence by enabling them to perform in front of an audience, and was a great way to demonstrate the positive learning outcomes and progress of our Dance students this year.

The year 10 students wanted to create a fun, energetic dance.  With a focus in class on Jazz and Contemporary the girls decided to combine these styles with the genre they all love so much Hip Hop.

The year 11 students created a piece based on a Māori kōwhaiwhai pattern.  The focus of this dance was to interpret shapes and movement through performance of the dance elements and demonstrate ensemble skills.

The Year 12 Dance Class were taught an African Dance from a tutor.  The students had to perform the Afro dance and communicate a comprehensive understanding of the style.

The Year 13 students performed a collaborative dance, where site-specific dance was investigated to create a piece based on a location within the school.  The students combined different sequences into a dance, which took the audience on a journey through a range of different dance styles.

SDNZ – Street Dance NZ competition

On 29th April, 16 talented students represented Kelston Girls College, competing in the annual SDNZ competition.  Ranging from year 9 all the way up to year 13.  The girls practised almost everyday for 5 weeks, building on leadership, discipline, whanaungatanga, fitness, commitment and skill.   A very tough but rewarding journey.  The competition is a well known event and of high status in the dance realm, and provides opportunities to be internationally recognised.