The Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees Mission Statement states:

To provide a quality learning environment that is based on enhancing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values outlined in the National Curriculum Framework and which is aimed at enabling students to attain their full potential.

The most recent ERO report stated that: ‘the college provides a highly supportive and inclusive environment where girls have a strong sense of pride and belonging. The slogan “She’s worth it” underpins all operations and systems in the school.  ‘Students are well engaged in their learning and the wider school community. The effective transition practices that help to settle students into the school on arrival set a sound basis for student learning. Ongoing monitoring of student wellbeing contributes to students’ ongoing success. Students show confidence and pride in their language, culture and identity, and are motivated to achieve success.’

What’s New:

Structured Whanau time
The purpose of this strand is to promote a sense of whanaungatanga and community. This time ensures that students are all equipped with the tools needed to tautoko their (support) learning.
Students check-in with the Whanau teacher each day and during this time work to develop a plan of learning to move forward or reflect on their learning journey so far.
The Whanau teacher is their coach and mentor and facilitates student understanding of what needs to be completed and how that can be achieved.
The Whanau teacher will be there to tautoko students through challenging times and to help them celebrate successes.

Pop Up Passions (PUPs)
Teachers follow their passions and offer workshops / projects to students, this provided an opportunity to work collaboratively or independently during their sessions. PUPs are available for all year levels and groups contain a mix of levels. Direct links are made between PUPs and our School Values, resulting in connections to Manaaki i a Tātou – Self / Rātou – Others / Hāpori – Community.

Self-directed Learning
Students are supported by teachers to take control of their own learning and complete the learning tasks set. 
Students are given areas where they can work after they check in with their supervising teacher at the start of each learning block. 
There may be tutorials, workshops and other opt-in sessions they can attend to support their individualised learning. Specialist Subject teachers will be available in their timetabled slots and will be able to support any students in their learning.

Junior Numeracy and Literacy Block

We offer our Students: 

Auhia Class – motivated Maori students studying Te Reo can apply to join this class at Year 10.  

asTTle testing in Literacy, Numeracy and Writing to focus on the individual literacy and numeracy learning needs of students at Years 9 and 10 to prepare them for senior academic study.

ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) and EAP Classes (English for Academic purposes) – for second language students  

Foundation Classes – for students new to New Zealand for whom English is a second language. The class prepares students to enter mainstream learning with confidence.   

Gateway – Senior students gain workplace experience and unit standard ITO (Industry Training Organisation) qualifications while still studying at school. 

Hearing Impaired Unit – attached to Kelston Girls’ College is the Ko Taku Reo for hearing impaired students. The students are taught in the Unit by teachers of the deaf and / or supported in the mainstream by teachers, interpreters or educational associates.   

Homework Centre for Refugee students. 

Integrated Studies – this is a qualification and programme for students who wish to study for NCEA Level 1 over two years.   

Mentoring programmes for senior students. 

Peer Support for Year 9 students mentored by Year 12 students who are trained by FYD. 

Student Learning Support – for students who have special learning needs. This support is available from Year 9 to Year 13.

Trade Academy – a variety of programmes are available.

Youth Apprenticeships – Kelston Girls’ College leads a women/girls in Trades programme in conjunction with a number of providers. 

Junior School

All Year 9 and 10 students receive training in ICT skills. Study in all seven curriculum areas is compulsory in Year 9.

  • English(language & other languages)
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • The Arts
  • PE/Health
  • Technology

International and community languages offered are German, Japanese, Maori, Samoan and Mandarin.

Bi-lingual Maori and Bi-lingual Samoan is available.

Senior School

NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Levels 1, 2 and 3 and Integrated Studies are available.

English and Mathematics are compulsory at Years 11 and 12. Multi-level learning is supported.

Year 14 catch-up classes are available in Term 1 and/or 2 for students who need to complete Achievement Standards or Literacy and Numeracy Level 1 and 2 before moving to tertiary study or a course in the second half of the year.