Careers Academy

KGC Careers Academy: Programme

The KGC Careers Academy offers vocational pathways to careers. Next year, if there is sufficient interest, we will be offering:

  • National Certificate qualifications in: Early Childhood Education, Computing [Administration and Technical Support], Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Electronics Technology, Services, Fitness and Recreation, Performing Arts, Music, as well as a L2 NCEA programmes in Community Health and Fashion Design.
  • L2 and L3 NCEA qualifications
  • Core courses in English, Mathematics, Work Preparation, Health and Financial Literacy
  • Short courses at tertiary institutions
  • Work placements
  • One day a week at a tertiary institution [where appropriate]

All qualifications gained in the Careers Academy also contribute to L2 and L3 NCEA. The credits gained towards a National Certificate also contribute towards NCEA.

Sometimes it is possible for students to continue with a subject, in which they have a particular interest, but normally students have a full course based in the Careers Academy.


Pacific On Campus Scholarship

Beatrice Seleti was awarded a Pacific on Campus Scholarship from Otago University which paid for her to travel to Dunedin on the 5th of May and spend three days exploring the campus. Here is her account of her time there: 

 In all honesty Auckland University was my first initial choice for university. However going to Otago really changed my mind. When we arrived we dived straight into lectures of our choice & briefings on courses which carried onto the 2nd & 3rd day. Meeting new people from other schools across New Zealand was a major highlight. It was fun as well as educational as we were able to do whatever we wanted to experience the ‘on campus’ life at Otago. I’m planning to study Health Sciences so I attended all lectures on HSFY. It was really an eye opener because they did not sugar coat anything. They stressed how hard you need to work in order to succeed. One thing that is never really is addressed at high school is failure but they openly addressed failure. However at Otago their support system for their students is amazing. Especially for those of Pacific Island descent. There are so many people there who can support you in all aspects of your life which made it feel like home. As many of us are scared of moving away, they welcome you warmly & make you feel like you’re at home. Academic wise there are many people at Otago who can help you and there is also a wide range of scholarships offered.  One thing I took from Otago is to work exceptionally hard. Building your foundation from high school will make university easier. Overall I really loved my time in Dunedin and Otago is now my first choice. 
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