Careers Academy

KGC Careers Academy: Programme

The KGC Careers Academy offers vocational pathways to careers. Next year, if there is sufficient interest, we will be offering:

  • National Certificate qualifications in: Early Childhood Education, Computing [Administration and Technical Support], Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Electronics Technology, Services, Fitness and Recreation, Performing Arts, Music, as well as a L2 NCEA programmes in Community Health and Fashion Design.
  • L2 and L3 NCEA qualifications
  • Core courses in English, Mathematics, Work Preparation, Health and Financial Literacy
  • Short courses at tertiary institutions
  • Work placements
  • One day a week at a tertiary institution [where appropriate]

All qualifications gained in the Careers Academy also contribute to L2 and L3 NCEA. The credits gained towards a National Certificate also contribute towards NCEA.

Sometimes it is possible for students to continue with a subject, in which they have a particular interest, but normally students have a full course based in the Careers Academy.

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