Board of Trustees

The role of the Board of Trustees is to prepare and maintain the School Charter.

School Charter

The Board is focused on achieving its vision: that our young women are at the centre of learning and they leave school grounded in their culture and with a minimum of NCEA Level 2, plus a Career pathway.  We are achieving that:

The 2016 Ministry report on school leavers shows that 92.3% of our school leavers left school with a minimum of NCEA Level 2.

  • Our girls have a relevant career plan and know the next steps to take once they have left school.
  • Our teachers place students and their culture at the centre of learning.
  • We began our journey with Te Kotahitangi, we continued to strengthen what we had learned when we joined Kia eke Panuku and Starpath, by adding value through the rigorous use of data that focused on Maori learning success.  We have now reached a new stage in this journey, and this stage focuses on the application of a linguistic lens in order to strengthen academic literacy, particularly as it applies for Maori and Pasifika.
  • As part of this new stage in the journey we continue to pursue the goal of year 7 to 13 school in order to offer bilingual Maori and bilingual Samoan in the junior school for students from Year 7 to 10.  The intent is to tap into students’ prior knowledge of their mother tongue in order to strengthen their understanding of subject specific, academic literacy to prepare them particularly for NCEA Level 3 and tertiary study.  As a culturally and linguistically responsive and relational school, we believe our students learn more successfully when we apply these concepts in the classroom.

In the meantime we have begun 2018 with not only Year 9 bilingual Maori class and a Year 9 bilingual Samoan class, but also a Year 10 Bilingual Samoan class and a Bilingual Maori class as well.

The Kelston Girls’ College BOT, parent community, teachers and students are all committed to retaining its girls only learning environment.  Research strongly supports the positive learning outcomes for young women in such an environment.

The Kelston Girls’ College BOT parent community, teachers and students are committed to pursuing the option of a Year 7 to 13 school.  Evidence from research conducted by Dr Lisa Rogers indicates that one of the biggest barriers to positive learning outcomes is the transition from Year 8 to Year 9.  Girls are more affected by the transition than boys.  Maori and Pasifika girls are most likely to be affected by the transition.  They find it difficult to make the adjustment to learning and are most likely to develop poor attendance habits and to drop out of school.  A year 7 to 13 school removes the barrier to successful learning outcomes by removing the transition from Year 8 to Year 9.

Kelston Girls’ College participates in the Kelston Kahui Ako, sharing its knowledge and expertise with the other schools.

As a multi cultural school, Kelston Girls celebrate its diversity and the inclusiveness that is so apparent in all that the School does.

Dr James Prescott
Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees

The following people have been elected onto the Kelston Girls’ College Board of Trustees:

To contact any member of the board, please email :

Dinesh Gautum
Angeline McDonald
Fi Pillay
James Prescott (Chairperson)
Gia Palau Mamea
David Makani
Staff Representative: Kate Yandall
Student Representative: Aalia Ali & Faye Pagamalie
Principal: Sarah Stenson
Secretary: Ashleigh Iose