ASB Polyfest – Poly-cycle PVA Structure


To help entice ASB Polyfest visitors to visit their site this year, PVA has come up with the ‘Poly-Cycle’ concept to encourage people to hand in their rubbish for cash . . . that’s right, for cash.

Every 10 pieces of recyclable and compostable rubbish brought to us is worth one dollar.

Year 13 Kelston Girls’ Environmental Committee members are also performers at ASB Polyfest. Melelani Aona says seeing the PVA sculpture reminded her of a lesson about the plight of sea turtles and the dangers they faced due to ocean pollution.

Sauhannah Work of Kelston Girls Fijian group agreed that this year’s focus on protecting the ocean needed to be widely accepted, especially by the younger generation.

Aona, Magalogo and Work are already thinking about how they can help PVA promote its ‘Poly-Cycle’ concept and think that the idea of trading in rubbish for cash will prove popular amongst students.

Both Aona and Magalogo are first time performers at this year’s ASB Polyfest and Work is returning to the ASB Polyfest stage for her fourth time.

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