Alert Level 2: Returning To School Information

Getting ready for our #anewnormal onsite at Kelston Girls’ College

We have now moved into Alert Level 2. It is really important that we build on all the things we have learnt, and take advantage of the devices and wifi students now have. Digital learning is here to stay, and will bring skills and advantages to our students that they need to create great futures for themselves. This is the opportunity for us to grab the future of education and make it work for our young people.

We are excited to be able to put our #anewnormal timetable into reality on our school site. With the movement down the alert levels, it brings relaxation in restrictions and we are pleased to be able to tell you what starting back at KGC looks like.

School reopening plan:
To help our students ease back into school life and to allow them the time and space to adjust to the new timetable the following staggered opening will be implemented. This has had to be delayed due to a burst water main on the sc

School will start at the normal time of 9am every day except for Wednesdays when school starts at 10am. School will finish at the normal time of 3:20pm each day. This slow approach to returning to school will allow connections to be remade and enable a clear understanding of the way our new timetable will run. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your students’ Whare Dean. If your student will not be attending school during Alert Level 2, we ask that you contact their Whare Dean by 4pm, Monday 18th May.

Health and Safety Plan:
The health and safety of our staff and students are paramount to us. We have taken advice from the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, measures through the Ministry of Health, followed guidelines from the WDHB, and will be working on the instruction of our school nurse. Good hygiene practices will be expected at all times. The school is well-stocked with hand sanitiser, soap and other cleaning products. There is also a clear routine of regular cleaning that will take place.
If your student is sick, please keep them at home. This is the same message delivered to staff members.

It is important that students bring a device to school which is fully charged. Students will be using these devices throughout each day for their learning. Devices which have been received from either school or the MoE remain the property of the school but are for student use for the remainder of the year. The expectation is that these devices are returned to school at the end of the academic year. Students should also bring personal headphones for use with their device, if possible.

Food provision:
The tuckshop will be open for food purchase during break times. Students are expected to carry their own drink bottles. They will not be able to access our school drink fountains and will need to bring their own filled water bottle to school each day.

The school is awaiting instructions from the relevant Sports organisations with regards to training and games. A more detailed message on this matter will be released once confirmation of practice is received. For the first week back, we ask that students keep all sports balls at home. There will be no basketball, handball, etc at break times until we have a more definite idea on what is safe for our students.

Visitors to the school:
We will be keeping track of every person that enters our school through a contact tracing register. All visitors to the school must register at the front reception. Please understand that we will be restricting the number of people we can have in the reception area. If you need to see a staff member, please make an appointment first.

Drop off and pick up:
Please do not enter the school at drop off and pick up times. Drop off and pick up is from the roads surrounding our school only.

Our first priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of all our Kelston Girls’ College Whanau. If your student is experiencing any issues with the return to school, please contact their Whare Dean who will be able to look at the support we can put in place for them.
Whilst we are disappointed we can not return to school on Monday 18th May, we are looking forward to welcoming students back as of Wednesday 20th May. The school has been too quiet. Kia Kaha.

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