Academic Excellence

Islay Anderson Recipient

 Moana Kaori Yasumitsu Tsujido awardee of the Islay Scholarship 2017. Last year (2018) Moana completed a Tertiary Foundation Certificate (TFC) at the University of Auckland to meet the requirements for Engineering. Moana successfully completed the course as well as being awarded 2nd in Arts within TFC.
Moana learnt that she really loved English based subjects especially history and decided to change her degree. Moana is currently enrolled into Bachelors of Global Studies (major: international relations and businessconjoint with Commerce ( major: economic). Moana says “the scholarship has been a great help as it has helped me with my traveling expenses and pay for my WiFi, which is vital for my studies.”
Moana Islay Anderson Scholarship 2019

Penina Latu Memorial Scholarship 2020

Penina Latu Memorial Scholarship Winners: Meli Tariu, Maina-Grace Amete, Xueting Yang, Suiva’aia Ta’ape 

Colgan Scholarship 2020

Colgan Scholarship Winners:Leighton Varea, Jasmine Ah Mai, Julia Tuua Solomona